“We Are Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone”.

Bill Looman is not someone’s political hack. He’s far from being the left’s favorite guy right now, also. Bill is a ten year Marine veteran, who would like nothing more than to grow his company. Pretty obviously, when he started placing signs in the windows of his company vehicles and a large billboard in front of his offices, he had no idea that he, his company, and his signs, would go viral.

Through my own professional acquaintances, and being in a business that quite frequently brings me into contact with business owners, particularly here on the left coast, I can see that overbearing taxation and regulation by an all but totalitarian state government, completely and totally unresponsive to the people they are supposed to serve, have cost Californians millions of jobs and billions of dollars.

Extreme leftist governance has placed this once most prosperous region in the world into a depression economy with 44 or 45 billion dollars worth of unfunded liability, It’s no wonder that businesses will not commit to hiring new personnel, and only grudgingly replace losses due to attrition.

Bill Looman’s company, US Cranes LLC, manufactures and services overhead cranes and monorail lift systems. Well, guess what? Gee whiz, and all that stuff… Overhead cranes are for the most part utilized by companies that manufacture things… or have a need of a heavy lifting capability. Not accidentally, manufacturing on all levels has been the special targets of Obama’s agents of destruction, as has the energy sector.

The Barack Hussein Obama regime’s assault on American business has been almost universally successful, backed as it has been by the greatest job-killer in US history… the EPA.

The Marine Corps does a lot more than build men. They teach pride of achievement, and leadership skills simply unavailable outside the confines of the brotherhood. Marines are taught to adapt and overcome. That’s, in essence, what Bill and his company are doing… adapting to overcome an untenable situation. He has simply put a face and a name to what is occurring all over the nation as businesses hunker down, hoping to survive the Marxist’s perfect storm.

I’ll be interested in seeing how the regime retaliates on Bill and his company for having the unmitigated temerity to speak the truth. His company may become the “Joe the Plumber” of manufacturing. Obama may just find that his incessant hectoring is a two-edged sword. He and his minions attempted to destroy “Joe the Plumber”… and failed. Joe is alive and well and may just end up in Congress. They tried to destroy him and failed. Truth versus unbridled arrogance and power.

If they try it with Bill Looman they may just find that he’s a mouthful they don’t want to chew.
Semper Fi, Bill.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011