In MaoBama’s Amerika.

Street goons dictate municipal policy to weak and vacillating socialist mayors, literally afraid of their own shadows. Fannie and Freddie never stopped generating toxic mortgages. They’re 6 billion dollars in the hole this year… so far.

In Maobama’s Amerika, it is the middle class who are the real targets. Maobama knows, as does any totalitarian, that in order for their misshapen, discordant philosophy to prevail a vibrant middle class would have to be destroyed. All are grist for Maobama’s economic warfare against America.

The leftists’ grip on the country is tightening with every single overbearing, job-killing new regulation pumped out by the likes of the EPA… and there are thousands of new regulations threatening to destroy our entire energy sector, which will destroy what’s left of manufacturing in this country. Construction won’t be far behind… what’s left of it.

In Maobama’s Amerika, agents from the Department of Education, wearing SWAT gear, invade American citizens’ homes under arms… coercion under threat of deadly force… right out of Lenin. Or, maybe more appropriately, Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union.

We didn’t notice or complain as the agents of communism infiltrated every single level of our government. The infiltration of our university system by radical socialist/communist ‘professors’, who were neither the brightest nor the best, but for the most part were the unemployable dregs of the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era who escaped the real world into academia, has introduced entire generations of hardly well-educated, but extremely well-indoctrinated, graduates as teachers in our children’s classrooms.

The results, as we have seen, are next to criminal as far as I’m concerned. Our children come home from these concentration camps babbling about glaciers and polar bears, windmills and solar panels, when they should be memorizing multiplication tables. Oh, the threat to the planet is real, okay. But it’s from the left, not from any global warming.

And let us not forget the sexual predation of our youngest and most vulnerable in the schools! Here in California, children as young as first grade are subjected to what amounts to sexual brainwashing in a curriculum introduced by militant homosexuals under the guise of ‘fairness’ and diversity… two of the most ill-used words in the lexicon. There’s no opt out for parents, either.

You folks in other states had better pay attention. The ills perpetrated on the citizens of this state by the Marxists in our state capital have a way of migrating.

MaoBama’s Amerika is not a fun or happy place. We are teetering on the brink of economic dissolution, while the world is on the brink of what will be at least a regional war and may well escalate to a worldwide conflict, at a time when Barack Hussein is doing everything in his power to ensure that our military is defenseless in the face of multiple theater threats.

If your blood isn’t boiling by now, you’re probably on a morgue slab. This is very simply the defining battle of our lifetimes, and one that Americans cannot afford to lose.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011