Meanwhile, At Ground Zero…

It’s been a while since we’ve written about our Israeli friends. It’s certainly not from a lack of interest on our part. We’ve had our plate rather full here at home. Our own war here, against the forces of evil that are threatening to overwhelm our Republic, has kept our attention pretty much on the national scene and the dire necessity of removing Barack MaoBama and his minions from office in 2012.

Benjamin Netanyahu (center) meets with Lt. General Benny Gantz (left)

If you want to see Barack Obama’s America one only has to go near downtown Oakland… if you can stand the smell, that is. Or San Francisco… or Atlanta. This is Obama’s constituency… these cretinous, odiferous parasites condemning financial institutions for doing exactly what a Democrat government mandated them to do in the first place. Remember the Community Reinvestment Act? It’s going to loom very large in the months ahead, as are the crooked politicians who fostered this abomination.

Israel is preparing for war. The spooky part is that they’re telegraphing it. This sets up all sorts of interesting speculation. I’m firmly convinced that in the coming war with the evils of worldwide Islamic radicalism, it is going to be the raw courage and determination of this tiny bastion of freedom that will stiffen the spine of the West. It’s an indisputable fact that that linguine-spined bunch in Washington can use all the backbone stiffening they can get… and they’d better get some soon.

Iran, having tested young Barry and having found him not only weak but pathetically easy, is pushing ahead on all fronts. According to some intelligence sources, Iran may already have a device. According to others, they already have enough enriched bomb-grade material to manufacture four devices. Regardless, it all means the same to Israel.

I have close Israeli friends, one of whom I’ve written about in this column before….He fought in two of Israel’s wars as a tank commander and has had the very dubious distinction of having two tanks shot out from under him… and lived to talk about it. My friend has close ties in Israel and every time I’ve mentioned to him that Israel has to make a move against Iran and her surrogates soon, he’s equivocated his answers… until now. He told me this week it’s very close. Now, I’m not saying that my friend is privy to Israeli war councils… but he has friends who have friends.

It’s a sad commentary on Barack Hussein Obama’s America when the British and even the French have committed to Israel’s defense, while Barack Obama does everything in his and his government’s power to strengthen Israel’s enemies.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011