“I’m A Black Conservative Who’s Causing Liberal Heads To Explode”.

Herman Cain is modest to a fault. His unabashed love of his country and the founding principles, which have made this United States of America the shining beacon of hope and freedom all over the world, shows through every time he speaks.

Exploding liberal heads? You betcha!. Just the very thought that they have a rogue black who has escaped the clutches of big government paternalism is enough to send them scrambling for their Depends.

The entire concept of the Democrat plantation system, which is after all only the latest incarnation of Jim Crow and the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine instituted by Southern Democrats, had but one purpose. It was to undermine the laws that had been put into place to protect the country’s newest citizens.

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was to ensure that freed slaves were integrated into mainstream America. The so-called Jim Crow laws, such as the Morrill Act of 1890, helped to solidify the ‘separate but equal’ concept of holding blacks off at arms length while subjecting them to systematic repression and injustice.

Historians, please note that it was in fact Republican determination and muscle that was instrumental in passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Democrats were adamantly opposed.

It’s no secret that the Civil Rights Act was suborned and taken over by the Democrat Party under the leadership of then President Lyndon Baines Johnson. His ‘Great Society’ was only the harbinger of the welfare state that would be pushed on us by the current resident of the White House.

Herman Cain doesn’t fit the mold that ‘good’ blacks are supposed to be in. He’s successful… he did it on his own. He’s smart, very smart. He’s so far confounded every effort to destroy him. Not only that, if readers comments and recent polling results are to be believed he’s actually gaining support in spite of, or perhaps even because of, the most recent assaults on his character. His donations are up… the number of Conservatives lining up in his camp is impressive.

Herman Cain is exploding liberal heads and with damned good reason. He’s the real deal and they know it. Nothing scares Marxists worse than the truth… that’s what scares them about Herman Cain. He’s a black man, not a race-baiting puppet. He has a straightforward manner that adds credence to the undeniable truths he speaks.

I think it’s time to rally around this man. We could do far worse than to have a man like Herman Cain in the White House.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011