The Science Of Victimization.

We suffered a malfunction. The lights went out on our main site. At first I thought, okay, it must have been the article that Dee recently managed to slip by the editorial staff at the Daily Kos. My imagination summoned a legion of spittle-drooling, knuckle-dragging hackers in their mothers’ basements mounting an assault against our sites.

We had certainly stirred up an ants nest over there, as it was. There were some panties over there so twisted up it was cutting off their circulation. We had much the same thing happen a couple of times when the Huff ‘n Puff Post published a couple of our articles, probably because an editor published off a headline or a sub-head without reading the article. The results were hysterical. It was just as though we took a stick and stirred up a nest of Texas Fire Ants. Some of them actually actively looked for us for several months. Cute trick, since we publish from ‘somewhere’ in Wales.

So the lights went out and it was because of the bank’s apparent inability to post a payment on time. Gee, there it is, Dee… we’re victims. Victims of big banking. What a hoot. That’s exactly what the whole ‘progressive’ movement is all about. Taking victimization and attempting to codify it.

As genuinely sick and tired as I am of listening to the statist Lame Stream Press carry water for the left and its Marxist agenda, I can take solace from readers comments on the subject saying much the same things. They are (the statists) steadily losing ground and influence, and they know it.

The leftists have a largely deaf ear to those of us outside of the political class. Until, that is, their political agenda is threatened and then they quickly morph into their ‘party of the people’ mode to once again convince the ‘victim’ class that the visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads will come true… if only they wait. The real and present problem for the left, trying to re-ignite the spark that swept Barack Hussein into office, is that many of his base really believed the things that were said and promised.

As the first glow of victory faded and the light of reality shone on Barack Obama’s stewardship of the country, even his most ardent supporters had trouble defending him and his visibly destructive policies. The exodus of support continues to this day, three years down the road. Even the ‘victims’ are tired of waiting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011