Cain Withstands Broadside.

They hit at him from all sides. It seemed like Anderson Cooper’s whole game revolved around engineering an assault on Herman Cain’s 999 plan, which worked quite nicely. His plan was blasted by one candidate after another. The battering only came to an end when Perry and Romney got into it… which interchange must have delighted the enemies of the right.

Anderson Cooper just stepped aside as the two candidates went after each other, while Anderson saw images of ratings numbers in his head. The problem is that it didn’t work… the attack on Herman Cain, that is. His popularity didn’t diminish. If anything, he gained strength from them. He ably defended his 999 plan in the face of furious assaults.

I like this man. He has a deep love for this country, its traditions and its promise of freedom and prosperity for all those willing to seek it and work hard to achieve it. His love and respect for this country shines through every statement he makes.

The ‘Repubics’, as Mark Levin is wont to call them, were busy chortling to themselves over the title of Cain’s plan…. “Why, it sounds just like a pizza sales pitch” etc. Well, I’m here to tell you that it makes one hell of a lot more sense than most of what we’ve heard come out of the RNC, or the the candidates for that matter.

It’s a good fundamental economic scheme that needs a little work. The national sales tax portion of his proposed reform will never fly. The American people will never embrace a national sales tax on top of a federal income tax. The rest of his tax reform proposal is sound and practical. But it is just that… a work in progress.

The left also has much reason to fear a Herman Cain candidacy. The difference between Mr Cain and our sitting president could not be more stark. Our president was, and is, a spoiled product of privilege and indolence. A man who had virtually everything handed to him. A man who has accomplished little and who has lived his life at the expense of others. Herman Cain is far more a man of the people than our pseudo African-American demagogue president.

I’m not supporting anyone yet, but I can tell you unequivocally that Herman Cain is very high on my list.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011