Doobs, Boobs, Bums, Thugs And The Nutcake Parade.

Never before have the ultimate fruits of our Marxist-leaning public schools been put on display the way they have in these last weeks. It’s striking how much alike these Wall Street ‘occupiers’ are.

I, like most Americans who’ve taken time to listen to the choruses of unending diatribe coming from these people, notice that it’s remarkably the same screed coming from group to group, wherever these people congregate… if it can be called a message. It’s actually more of a melange of regurgitated Marxist claptrap. Right from the mouths of leftist agitators, college and university professors, even high school and grade school teachers. This is what our billions and billions of education dollars purchased.

These empty-headed, vacuous kids and not-so-kids are precisely the product the left has been after for sixty or more years. Want to see what happens when parents abrogate their responsibility to instill character? These are spoiled, for the most part privileged, brats from middle and upper-middle income groups. There are obviously others involved, aging hippies with their gray ponytails and Birkenstocks. Of course, there’s the odd admixture of dopers, dealers and anarchists as well.

Let us not forget that Barack Obama’s White House immediately jumped out to champion these ne’er-do-wells, seeking to perhaps bail some water from his sinking Titanic. Worse yet was the gaggle of DeMarxist freaks that trailed out behind him in the statist media. From Debbie (The Mouth) Wasserman Schultz to Michael (I’m filthy rich, a corporation in my own right, but I’m one of you) Moore… who it is said can clear a whole square by himself by simply walking upwind from it.

One of the more unbalanced claims made by the goobers was that their voice was 99% of the American people. I’m tempted to laugh when I hear it except that these people, who are in fact less than one per cent of the American population, are deluded enough to say it, much less believe the absolute crap they’ve been taught.

It’s patently obvious from listening to many of the thousands of sound bytes coming out of these malcontents that there is not an ounce of critical thinking in the whole bunch. If this is the ‘army’ from which Barry Hussein is going to forge his spearhead for 2012… please, please, Mr President, don’t stop now.

There’s somewhere between 60 and 80 million Patriots out here just waiting to clean your clock. The shape and size of the coming wave of change is starting to make itself felt. There will be a very thorough house cleaning this time. And Barry… while you’re cleaning out your office, be sure to tell everyone how irrelevant the Patriot Movement is.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011