California, You’d Better Wake Up… Soon!

So while you were California dreaming… that’s if you still had a California job, that’s if your company hasn’t had to pull up stakes and head for business-friendly territory out of the increasingly repressive governance of (Red) Jerry Brown and his equally (red) state legislature, better known, perhaps, as Ali Brownee and the sixty-seven banditos… the 43 Republicans in the legislature, for the most part, have been valiantly but largely ineffectively trying to slow the Marxist juggernaut, which with the aid and collusion of the state’s public service unions, whose collective unfunded liability to the state is in excess of 40 billion dollars, has them spending millions of dollars in an entitlement turf war of massive proportions, between the unions and the nutcase hard left that California has no lack of. Then you introduce and add up all of the minority and special privilege, er, interest groups which have always been the hallmark of the left.

Few states have felt the crippling reach of the statists more than California. You know, if you strip away the state and federal government’s figures and substitute them for actual statistics, the unemployment rate in this state is over 16%. And, as I’ve mentioned before, there are pockets of unemployment in this state approaching 40%.

Jerry has been working very hard to sign the better part of some two hundred bills, vomited forth by the strongly DeMarxist legislature. If you’re a Californian, duck and cover. If you’re a parent and a Californian, you have plenty of reason to be mad… or ought to be.

Aside from the most thorough brainwashing any commissar would be happy with, our children are being programed by leftist teachers who are the direct product of leftist professors. You know the ones… I’m surprised that more of them aren’t out with there with the ‘protesters’. That’s a story we’ll take up later.

Our California public schools are a complete failure at education but are rather expert at indoctrination. Have you kept track of the numbers of laws this state government has written directly pertaining to your, and my, children? Do you know that these ‘creatures’ can actually whisk your teenage daughter away to a baby murdering mill without a word to you? Did you know that Red Jerry has signed a bill allowing children as young as twelve to receive injections of gardasil… the same drug that so outraged the people of Texas?

I guess he doesn’t think the people of California are smart enough to get it. He may be right… it is pretty foggy out here. I won’t go into the outrage that comes with the understanding of the unmitigated temerity of the left in the blithe assumption that all girls of twelve are, or would become, sexually active.
Let’s see, does this make Red Jerry the state’s predator-in-chief?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011