It’s All He’s Got.

America’s descent into the hell that will be 2012 is upon us. Barack Hussein Obama has used up his entire bag of tricks. Actually, it’s the same trick cleverly, and not so cleverly, repackaged time and time again.

Barack Obama gave another campaign speech in the guise of a ‘press’ conference, during which he ran through the entire Marxist shopping list yet again. I heard it said that ‘he shifted abruptly to the left’. Um… no he didn’t. That would be making the assumption that he had moved from the right towards the left. Barack Hussein has never been near the center of American politics, much less the right. So we may then safely assume that Obama never does anything that is not ideologically hard left, as his performance has shown. MaoBama slogs forward, carrying the banner of communism.

That the country as a whole is adamantly rejecting Obama and his DeMarxists doesn’t seem to faze him or his party. Democrat lawmakers are running for whatever meager cover they can find, after discovering that Barack Obama’s shadow wasn’t big enough to hide behind. The light of truth has a tendency to illuminate dark places… places that these Marxist scum love to hide so that they can work their treason undetected.

Democrats are desperate, and rightly so. They have much to fear. The country is aroused as never before. The White House is in scorched-earth mode, with MaoBama and the DeMarxists sending out the word to the hard left to assail and occupy Wall Street. It’s a not altogether unexpected tactic… not if you’ve read ‘Rules for Radicals’. It’s Obama’s playbook.

This ‘protest’ is comprised of the dregs of the hard left, with a fair sprinkling of other leftist fringe groups and a mix of idealistic college students driven by leftist recruiters on campus… undoubtedly encouraged by a number of professors who are hidebound communists. Couple that to the paid, bussed-in SEIU goons and you’ll begin to get the picture.

These little outbreaks we are seeing in cities around the nation are nothing more than a rehearsal for next year. We’ll see the intensity of these outbreaks ramp up, the closer to the election we get. You can expect some real violence and intimidation to come out of these people. These are Obama’s foot soldiers. They hope to gain by fear and intimidation that which they cannot win in the ballot box.

We of the American Patriot Movement will not permit these malcontents to control the public discourse, and if it ever does come down to it… well, there’s one hell of a lot more of us than there are of them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011