March To Waterloo.

In any rational political environment, Barack Hussein Obama would be toast. Notice, please, the use of the word ‘rational’.

The left has been on a collision course with all things American since the 1903 Bolshevik revolution, led by Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin, whose political-economic theories formed the basis of what was to become the Communist Party in Russia and the launch of the international Communist Party and its avowed aim of extending its tyrannical and repressive philosophy throughout the globe.

Trotsky and Lenin were political and economic theorists. That their collective ideology caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens seems not to have caused them a moment’s pause. Lawlessness, fear and hysteria, generated by ideological zealotry and an inflexible and indiscriminate one-party political authoritarianism, led to poverty and repression that rivaled and exceeded the worst the Tsars could have ever conceived. The people of Russia simply traded one inflexible authoritarian rule for another.

That this pernicious political ideology would clash with the enlightened western democracies was never in doubt. Political and economic subversion were always the preferred method of attack.

America was never fertile ground for the expansion of communism. Given a choice, people invariably choose freedom. Hence, the left has been relegated to using lies, distortion, outright invention and the subversion of the moral fabric of the country.

Barack Hussein Obama is a communist ideologue. He has been inculcated with radical Marxian philosophy from the time he was a child. First by his mother, an avowed Marxist herself, and then later by the radical Hawaiian communist Frank Marshall Davis.

All of the people around Obama are academics. Theoretical socialists, not one of whom has ever held a real job in the real world, are the brain trust for all of Obama’s policies. We’ve had the better part of three years to judge Obama and his regime.

Barack Obama has been soundly repudiated by the American people. He and his radical policies, and his radical minions, are in the spotlight… and they don’t like it one bit. They are exposed for what they are.

The latest evidence that Obama is yielding to the immense pressure being exerted by the American people, with the Tea Party in the lead, is that Obama has backed off of the EPA’s latest carbon outrage, which Republican economists estimate would have cost hundreds of thousands of new job losses and the destruction of entire industries. He has been out-maneuvered and stymied at virtually every turn since the left lost the House of Representatives.

Obama’s march to his Waterloo continues… and we of the American Patriot Movement are here to smooth his way.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011