Hey Hey! Ho Ho! The EPA Has Got To Go!

There are a staggering number of pressing and urgent issues facing the Tea Party patriot movement. Our Republic is beset on all sides, from within as well as without. That some of the enemies within are either in sympathy with, or in direct support of, some of the enemy without should surprise no one.

If you look back, the same was true during the war in Vietnam. That many of the people who have sworn to serve us have gone over to the ‘darkside’ is not in question… many of these 1960s burnout politicians couldn’t find a living wage if they weren’t sucking at the public teat.

Obama’s policies are diametrically opposed to the growth of business or jobs… no matter his blather about a ‘big’ new jobs bill. It’s going to be the infrastructure, bridge and highway jobs programs all over again.

It’s no secret that America has fallen out of love with the Anointed One and his insanely irresponsible governance. If the election were held today, he and the entire DeMarxist cabal would be out on their tushies… and they know it.

Barack Hussein Obama is as inflexible an idealogue as ever there was. He is advancing his Marxist goals as fast as he can. He couldn’t get cap and tax through the Congress, thanks to a great goal-line stand by vastly outnumbered Republicans and a roar of outrage from the public, led by the Tea Party patriots.

The same thing very nearly happened to his Dream Act. Obama, never one to let a little thing like legality bother him, is going farther and farther into illegality to advance his aims. What he has failed to get through the legislative process he is accomplishing through the Environmental Protection Agency, and other rogue and unaccountable bodies.

The EPA is destroying lives and livelihoods wholesale, without a single thought as to the havoc they leave in their wake. It is a fully rogue agency and it must go.

One of our prime goals has got to be to first stop, and then pull the teeth from or dismantle, as many of these often redundant entities as we possibly can.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2011