Treason? Perry Says It, We’ve All Thought It.

What Governor Perry actually said was that the institution of a QE3 would be economic treason. The Republican nannies out there immediately wrung their hands and rushed to the nearest statist media outlet to soundly repudiate the newly-announced presidential candidate in their most pontifical tones.

These are the same establishment Republicans who will do anything, it seems, to derail any Conservative candidate… man or woman. It seems they care more for their own agenda than the salvation of the country. These are the RINOs that we’ve come to despise.

Governor Perry is right. At this stage of our dead-in-the-water economy, another devaluing of our dollar would have serious implications to the citizens of this country. Bernanke is wrong… he’s been wrong all along. Is he a traitor? Perhaps. He’s a hard leftist, but there’s no law against that. We want to find who’s pulling Bernanke’s strings, among others. I have a feeling that when the dominoes start to fall with this administration, the extent of the rot and corruption will astound even the most skeptical.

There is virtually no area of American life through which Obama and his regime have not marched like Attila the Hun. The shameful mismanagement and abandonment of the mission in Afghanistan could be construed as treasonous by some. Certainly, the misadministration’s embrace of radical Islam, all protestations to the contrary aside, is seen by many to be treason.

The refusal of the Obama administration to defend and maintain our country’s sovereignty and the sanctity of our borders could be regarded as treason. Barack Hussein’s plans to gut our military (already underway) in a very dangerous world could also be construed as treason by those of us who realize just how stupidly perilous that is, and how badly it affects our ability to project strength throughout trouble spots in the world as they impact our security interests.

I won’t even go into the pathetic handling of the middle east or the horrible treatment of one of our few true allies, Israel. That ‘treason’ has probably cost the Anointed One the American Jewish vote. It’s about time… I was beginning to wonder if America’s Jewry was lost forever to liberalism. It appears that there’s hope after all.

So yeah, Karl Rove, we do think there’s treason afoot. And what’s more, we intend to deal with a bunch of it in 2012.
We’ll see you at the polls.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2011