Islamo-Fascists Call For The Overthrow Of The British Government.

We should be observing the events in the United Kingdom very closely. The web has been inundated with calls from around the Arab world for British Muslims to create more chaos and to work to overthrow the government.

Riots or no riots, there are whole areas of London that the police won’t even go into without overwhelming force. Even my editor, Dee, who is a citizen of the UK (South Wales, to be more specific) sometimes refers to London as Londonistan. I can guarantee that slang term didn’t come about because a colony of Mennonites moved in.

Britain… whose economy was destroyed by trade unionism and the rise of a social-welfare system where everyone was guaranteed an income whether they worked or not. You can’t have a socialist society without the presence of a phenomenon which we have come to recognize as political correctness. In England it reached levels which, viewed from here, appeared to be pure insanity.

While police with full body armor (but no guns) try to contain the riots, children as young as nine loot the shops.

Englishmen, from whom sprang the seeds from which the greatest country in the history of the world was born, are not even permitted to protect their own homes and property from the country’s politically protected criminal class. A farmer who did, meaning he took his fowling piece to the foul bird he caught burgling his home, was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Other examples of such political correctness carried out to insane lengths are common throughout old ‘Blighty’.

The importation of tens of thousands of unassimilated, mostly uneducated immigrants, many in the country illegally, has Balkanized many of Britain’s neighborhoods where they congregate. Radical mosques throughout Britain have been calling for the destruction of Great Britain for many moons. Scared to death of these ‘enclaves’, the government has gone so far down the paths of self destruction that craven politicians have allowed Islamic Sharia courts to spring up around the country. In plain language, Britain’s cowardly political class has given away the country’s sovereignty.

Watching the shameful progression of events over in England as they unfold is an eduction and a looking glass into our future. Once the political battle is won here in 2012, much more attention needs to be paid to exposing the dangers posed by the un-American activities of subversive elements in this country.

In the meantime, we have but one task. That’s to support as many Constitutional Conservatives as we can in upcoming primary races… and incumbents as well, if they are found to be worthy. As I wrote on July 31, there’s a RINO hunt out there. If you’re a Republican who finds himself or herself on the receiving end… well, you can’t say you didn’t know.

Editor’s note: The story of Tony Martin, the farmer mentioned by Skip, can be found here:


Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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