The Republicans’ D-Day… Live Free…

The time is here. This is the defining moment of this Congress and these leaders. Fully seventy percent of the American people do not want an increase in the debt limit.

MaoBama has all the little Marxists scattering throughout the beltway, desperately attempting to change the narrative. Increasingly exposed before America and the world as the feckless, incompetent idealogue he is, Barack Hussein Obama has painted himself and his Marxists into a corner.

The most recent Gallup and Rasmussen polls both show any generic Republican defeating Obama in the 2012 presidential race by five to eight points, and counting. Increasing numbers of disaffected voters identifying themselves as Democrats are leaving the fold, along with increasing numbers of other ‘safe’ ObaMao constituents such as the so-called ‘security moms’, who flocked to his Plastic Banana Good Time Rock an’ Roll image (thanks, Rush), so carefully crafted to deceive unwary Americans.

MaoBama is in deep water, and his Marxist followers know it. Every DeMarxist stunt in their really worn playbook has been pulled out with entirely predictable frequency every time the Anointed One has stubbed his toe. In fact, they’ve dragged these straw ponies out (smelling strongly of dead fish) so many times that virtually no one except the statists of the Lame Stream Media and the extreme leftist radicals even pay attention to it anymore.

The latest barrage of bull bleep comes from one of the true intellectual giants of the left, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), as she once again tries to polish up the tarnish on the race card. She repeatedly whines “Why this president?” Why this president, Sheila? It’s because you and he, and people just like you, are the racists.

Barack Hussein Obama has purposely set American against American. This is the most divisive president in the 235 year history of our country. Little boy George ‘I stepped all in it’ Stephanopoulos made the Lame Stream shine with the statement that Obama has done ‘remarkably well’. Back to the drawing board, George. Try something with a little imagination next time.

Republicans have this one chance to prove to the American people that they are fit to lead this country away from the yawning abyss which is the national debt, and the even more imminent debt ceiling battle which is taking place as I write.

We cannot allow reckless, weak politicians to seek the ‘easier softer way’. We’ve been there and done that before, which is largely what led us to this pass to start with.

Here it is again. To the Republican leadership… This is either your finest hour or your greatest peril. Be warned, the American people will not support backroom political deal making… not this time… not again.
Hear that, Mitch?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011