Chris Wallace – Hero Or Heel?

That it was another brutal work week can be testified to by the absence of articles on my part. It’s a statement of the times were are living through that just having all of our crews working counts as a huge success. We’ve slashed our rates to the bone and are taking a much lower profit margin (whoops, there’s the left’s mantra… evil profit) just to get the work in to keep our people busy.

I know one contractor who told me that he had taken several jobs virtually at cost, just to keep his people employed. We consoled each other, noting that our respective doors remained open and that there are many companies who are no longer around at all.

This obviously has nothing at all to do with Chris Wallace and his unpardonable treatment of GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. I’ve never much cared for Chris Wallace for a number of reasons, some of which I’ll address in this article.

I have an abiding love for real, factual and substantiated news reporting by historically grounded, unbiased reporters and commentators. I used to think that Mr Wallace was at least somewhat fair and unbiased. That illusion was dispelled when, at the tail end of an exclusive interview with Michele Bachmann, he played one of journalism’s cheapest and most tawdry stunts… he posited the totally unwarranted and obnoxious question, “Are you a flake?”

Then, realizing his buffoon-like statement had badly miscarried, he sort of mumbled into his chin, “Well, that’s what they’re saying out there”. His speech and demeanor revealed that he knew he had stepped in it, and was frantically trying to scrape it off by doing the ‘beltway shuffle’. By this time he knew that he had teed off Michele, as her reply utterly demolished Wallace and made him look like the first-class chump he’s turned out to be.

Hey, Chris… you want to talk about qualifications? Let’s stack yours up against Bachmann’s. No contest. Chris, this lady has more going for her in her little finger than you will ever have. Your smarmy little first-year journalistic punk-stunt backfired, didn’t it Chrissy boy? Chris Wallace is a tool of the establishment GOP, though you won’t find anyone at Fox or around the establishment ‘Repubics’ (thanks, Mark Levin) who will say so.

What you did manage, Chris… and the polls confirm… was to solidify Conservative support for Michele Bachmann. The Conservative base and the Tea Party patriots are swinging more and more to her banner. And by the way, Chris, I like the way she left you to dangle while you scrambled to cheap out on an apology… first with that statement that cheaply reiterated the word ‘flake’ as part of the text. Nice try, Chris. Then he boobs it on over to Facebook and tries to get out of it by apologizing there.

That Michele Bachmann finally accepted Mr Wallace’s direct phone apology only after he had a twelve course crow dinner is a tribute to her class… and a remarkable insight into Chris Wallace’s classlessness.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011