ObaMao And The National Security Deficit.

Our young Marxist/Maoist El Presidente has sold out this country, and our entire military. His communist minions have been working tirelessly to weaken this nation’s ability to defend itself. Not just from the legion of the damned, which comprises the current crop of the world’s heavyweight bad guys. We all know who they are and that someday we will have to confront some of them, possibly sooner rather than later.

Mr ObaMao has alienated many of our friends and allies as he pranced about the globe genuflecting before tyrants and dictators, all the while bleating his delusional nostra culpa.

Our borders and ports of entry are virtually undefended… intentionally. We have people flooding across our borders, almost at will. We know for a fact that thousands of middle eastern types have smuggled themselves up through South and Central America, through Mexico, and into the United States where they reside right now.

There are jihadist cells throughout our country, and many are being given aid and shelter by radicalized Mosques across the country. Most of these Mosques have been financed by Saudi Arabian or other radical Islamist so-called ‘charities’. We don’t have to go overseas to find them. They’re right here. They are infiltrating our schools and our city and state governments. They have penetrated to the highest levels of our government and are influencing policy in favor of more Islamic acceptance.

Barack Obama is the Manchurian president. I’ve skirted around this for a long time. The evidence is just far too overwhelming. Consider the following points. Since one of the tenants of Islam is that any lie, even under oath, is acceptable to ‘protect the faith’… Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t once told the truth about anything… added to everything else we know or don’t know about Obama, this is just too cozy to ignore.

Add to this the breakneck pace of business killing, jobs-killing regulation being vomited forth by a plethora of unaccountable leftist regulatory agencies, coupled with the purposeful and systematic destruction of our energy industry.

Then, consider Obama’s willingness to throw over the mission in Afghanistan to cater to his far-left nutcases, which he still appears to consider his indispensable base. What that means is that good men and women, for whom Obama isn’t fit to carry shoe polish, will die because Obama is, at heart, a coward and a traitor to this country and its people.

We’ll end up returning to Afghanistan and a much worse situation than today, costing far more in lives and treasure than it would to stay and do the job right.
He’s selling out our troops… he’s selling out our nation.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011