Romney Not Resonating.

The herd thunders on. I think what I said about Romney is sound. The response to his presidential campaign roll-out has been something less than enthusiastic. Frankly, I can’t think of a way that Romney could have packaged his pitch that could have mitigated the millstone that his Massachusetts health care plan represents in the eyes of Americans who have, at long last, opened their eyes to the horror that is Obamacare.

Finally, America is awake and very alarmed over the obvious (at least to most) real disasters that await our Republic if we do not rise to the challenge before us.

Once in a while, history offers a choice… To continue rocketing along this perilous path of multiple trillions of dollars in unsecured debt obligations and deficits as far down to the horizon as can be seen, or to stop the lemming ‘march to destruction’ now and start facing our financial policy issues like adults. Couple this to the crushing weight of overreaching government regulation choking the life out of businesses new and old, ensuring continued record high and long-term unemployment.

To this arena Mr Romney brings a stated agreement with the climate change, nee global warming, crowd. There is no greater job and enterprise killer than the rabid environmentalist policies of the ‘green movement’.

Mitt’s a really bright guy with a lot of business savvy. I can only think that someone on his staff is giving him really bad advice and he’s listening to it, as in the case of the now infamous pander to the ethanol subsidies, whose only claim to fame so far is that it costs more to produce than the energy it supplies.

He may really believe these things. Either way, he’s definitely not the warrior for the job.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011