Stand Up For Freedom… Or Lose It.

We’re rapidly getting to the point where everybody is going to have to decide whether to live as free men or exist as slaves to an all-powerful statist elite who, by force of arms or other coercion, control every aspect of our lives. Liberty isn’t cheap and it’s for damn sure freedom is anything but free.

Just stop and think about the government tentacles in your own lives. You can’t do virtually anything any more without somebody having something to say about it. That somebody, these days, is likely to be some local governmental representative waving some obscure permitting requirement or trying to cite you for pruning your own trees.

They are not educating our children… they are indoctrinating them. Our Government Indoctrination Centers are predating them by forcing them to be exposed to a lifestyle and its attendant practices that about 80% of the public find repugnant and many find immoral. Much of what they are teaching is garbage, with little or no academic value. The education system is rife with political correctness and the curriculum is often aimed at the lowest common denominator.

If you’re in business you know all about government. You know all about its mindless regulations, its endless red tape… layer upon layer of bureaucracy, from the local city halls and state house, to the gargantuan monster that is our federal government.

We see the worst housing industry since the depression, coupled to the worst job market since the great depression. The private sector generated a paltry 38,000 jobs last month… our growth is somewhere south of 1.5%. There are huge numbers of homes still going into default, and they’re not all marginal Barney Frank garbage loans either. There are people in heavily upside-down prime and jumbo loans who have just given up and walked away. Not a lightweight decision, since it absolutely destroys your credit for a minimum of seven years and maybe longer. It just highlights what a desperate situation people are finding themselves in.

I work in an industry which is only on the periphery of the foreclosure market, but I can tell you that there are a huge number of houses being held off the market by banks who don’t want the bad paper to show on their inventories yet. They’ve been releasing them for rehab and sale at bargain basement prices a few at a time.

Is this what you want for your kids? Is this what you’re willing to be satisfied with for yourself? This is what it’s coming to. You have to stand up and fight for freedom. Fortunately, in the civil society we can usually do this through discourse. I said ‘usually’. It’s when government becomes, as in America today, totally unresponsive to the will of its people and even the most very basic of its own laws, it’s time for you and I to take action.
2012 is right around the corner.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011