Lame Stream Media Circus.

If the so-called Main Stream Media, whom I and others have chosen to re-label ‘The Lame Stream Media’, thought they had reached new heights of comedic journalistic slap-stick… they’re right. The vision of the ‘press’ frantically trying to second guess Sarah Palin as she takes them on a wild game of ‘Fox and Hounds’ is just too funny.

A couple of sound bites I picked up went something like… “and she didn’t even send us an itinerary”… and “we don’t know where she is”. Possibly, the most impacted by the dearth of Palin first-hand reportage is Andrea Mitchell, who seemingly has been basing her career on Palin bashing. Well, when it’s all ya’ got…

There is a move afoot, amongst the Lames, to pit Sarah Palin against Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann adroitly avoided the loaded questions and innuendo tossed at her in this all too obvious ploy. There is no surer indication of the abject fear which these two women generate in the DeMarxists than the incessant battering by the Lames and their bosses over at the DNC.

Then let us not forget the White House and their vested auxiliaries, the so-called public service unions, who have also repeatedly attacked both of these women viciously, in such a manner that if it had been a Conservative making those attacks they would be instantly pilloried.

All of our Republican candidates, and anyone who even looks like they might be one, can expect an anal exam the likes of which they’d never imagined. Still, after all they have done to personally ruin both of these women and their families… both have become even stronger. Sort of like the Tea Party movement, and it’s as true today… we just keep getting stronger.

We could do far worse than to have either of these fine ladies in high office. One look at the White House and it’s readily apparent that we have.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011