Another Memorial Day.

There’s not much I can contribute to the many flowery tributes to our fallen heroes that we saw and heard yesterday. There are just not enough superlatives. On this day that we set aside in remembrance of our war dead, I’m really gratified to see the huge amount of tribute and attention being given to our living military men and women… and their families.

We have, thanks to God, the finest military in the world. They’re an all volunteer military, which means every one of them is a professional… and please don’t give me the saw about minorities and poor whites being forced into the military due to poor economic conditions. These days, the recruiters won’t even talk to you without a high school diploma.

Today’s battlefield is a far cry from those of previous wars. The speed with which information can be passed, and tactical situations changed, on today’s battlefield mean that the average soldier, sailor, Marine or airman has to know far more than did a rifleman at Belleau Wood.

Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq is physically demanding and mentally draining. The enemy is quite literally everywhere and nowhere is totally safe. That’s not the worst part. These magnificent men and women are expected to win in an environment where their own commander-in-chief is not only actively working for their defeat, he’s crippling them of their ability to accomplish their mission by gutting as much of the military as he can. He’s also telegraphed to the Taliban when he intends to reduce our forces in Afghanistan… thereby making everyone’s job more dangerous and in the process giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Some might call that treason. It certainly gives pause for thought. We hear more coming out about our nascent fuhrer actively seeking ways to circumvent the second amendment via executive order.
I think that would just about tear it for most of us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011