I Hate Weekend News Cycles.

I guess that’s why most daily columnists don’t write on weekends. Our own research indicates about 1/3 of the readership on weekends. There’s not much going on as a rule, and much of what is out there is second and third tier reporting of last week’s stuff… so I usually save material for the weekends that I normally wouldn’t write about during the week.

Recently, we’ve had a whole series of events and occurrences that have interfered with getting articles out on our intended daily schedule. Everything from work (which is a good thing these days) to my 20 year old son’s mysterious, nearly fatal disease, now completely cured, thank God. Then, within a week, raccoons in the walls of the house chewing up my DSL wires and effectively shutting us down.

So, no more raccoons (we, uh, urged them to vacate… grins), and I’ve made the switch to fiber optic which just now became available here. So, hopefully, Dee and I can get back to some sort of normalcy getting this thing out… no more exotic diseases or critter infestations for a while, thank you. Not that I have anything to complain about. I’m a cup half-full kinda guy… very grateful for what I have and very aware that there are all kinds of folks out there who are hurting very badly and have lost everything.

I’ve been watching the evolution of a revolution for the past two and almost one-half years. I’m damned proud to be a part of that revolution… pulling America back from the abyss of Marxist/Socialist penury. We won a great victory last November. We can win another huge historic election in 2012… but we have to stay focused. We can’t let the DeMarxists and their symbiotic stooges of the Lame Stream Media shunt us off on sideshow issues, which is something they are very practiced at.

Today is Memorial Day. I can see the lights on the flag monument of the Golden Gate National Cemetery from my living room windows. To me, it’s a constant reminder of the very real debt we owe to all those magnificent heroes who have given, and are giving us, everything they have to give to keep us free.

It’s up to us… you and me… and millions upon millions just like us, to ensure that the sacrifice made by millions of American Patriots is not in vain.
Join us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011