Run, Chris, Run.

We’re hearing a battery of bleats out there about Governor Chris Christie as a possible presidential candidate. And were it based only on the tough choices he has forced his state to confront, and the skill with which he’s stood up to his state’s unions and their rent-a-goons, you’d have to say that he might just be a good choice if he could be convinced to run. That’s if you didn’t look any farther… I did, as have some other people.

If you look at what Christie has said on some very key issues for Conservatives, the luster starts to dull. He has stated that he wants to see ‘A Pathway To Citizenship’ for illegal immigrants. Sounds a little like our erstwhile presidential candidate, doesn’t it?

Even more troubling for Conservatives will be the Governor’s view of the Second Amendment. It won’t take much more research than to look up Christie’s 1995 anti-gun ad campaign during his run for State Assembly. That would do it for most Patriot gunners right there, I’m sure.

The final nail in Chris Cristie’s presidential aspirations should be his espousal of ‘green energy’, which is scarily reminiscent of The Anointed One’s assault on domestic energy production, and the coal industry in particular.

So it would seem that for all Mr. Christie’s accomplishments in reigning in New Jersey’s wild excesses… he is, in fact, another Republican In Name Only. It is my firm belief that this country cannot survive with a moderate RINO at the helm.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Don’t let the LSM (lame stream media) or the establishment Repubics foist more phony candidates on us. They both like to use the same means to different ends.

The way I read it, the establishment old guard aren’t even that adverse to losing an election, as long as it maintains them in their ‘comfort zone’… which then logically and tragically becomes our discomfort zone.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011