Obama, Ardent Anti-Semite.

If there are any of my Israeli friends who have any vestige of belief that Barack Hussein Obama is harboring any good will at all toward Jews in general, or Israel in particular, Obama’s speech yesterday (if that’s what it could be called) should have ended any such illusions.

IDF soldiers guarding the border with Syria.

Obama’s servile pandering to the Islamic fundamentalists is leaving no doubt about where his true sympathies lie… it’s readily apparent here in the United States where there are Muslims embedded throughout his administration, Muslims infiltrating our educational and financial sectors, universally whining and decrying the ‘unjust’ treatment that they receive at our hands.

Obama just might be able to break the deathlike grip that the DeMarxists, and all things socialist, have had on the electoral habits of America’s Jewry. Obama’s attack on Israel… because that’s what it was… will most certainly draw the ire of the many American supporters of Israel… and that’s about 80% of the country. Hopefully, another nail in Obama’s political coffin. He’s been collecting a lot of those lately.

Stated plainly, Israel would have to be completely out of their collective minds and bent on sure and certain national suicide to agree to a single thing Barack Obama said. He’s not going to get any ‘peace process’ going now or ever. His goal is the goal of the Arab Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah… that is to say, the ultimate destruction of the State of Israel.

Maybe it’s just my Marine instinct peeking through but to me, but the simultaneous incursion across three borders by Islamist ‘protesters’ looked a lot like a rehearsal. What was frankly disturbing was the somewhat fragmented and confused response of the IDF.

Hey guys, it’s like this… if the stuff goes down you may not get a second chance to react. Your enemy has been out in the hallway lifting weights and doing push-ups, while you’ve been playing pat-a-cake with Obama and the Hildebeast over how much defensible border to give away to people who want you dead.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011