The Plot Thickens.

It’s no secret that there are no clear GOP front runners appearing on the scene, and the remaining potential heavies are waiting on the side. It’s also no secret that the DeMarxist press would love to give America the impression that the Republican Party is hopelessly fragmented. Sprinkle that with a liberal (cough) dose (this is sounding worse by the second) of Obama the Unbeatable.

I joined the Marine Corps at a time when there was a move to curb the wonderfully colorful language in general use throughout the Corps. So the troops, good Marines all, trained to adapt and overcome, invented words to take the place of the proscribed language. For instance, ‘Horse S—’ became ‘Horse Pucky’, etc. That’s what I have to say to the brain dead Lame Stream press today… horse pucky.

Obama the Unbeatable… Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost. You can’t change the narrative anymore. It’s simple really. America no longer has to depend on them for news or reporting. Our own New Media has given Americans the choice of whether to listen to the garbage pumped out by the Lame Stream 24/7, or the factual reporting and commentary of the thousands of American Patriots who comprise most of the new media.

I heard that disgusting slime Demarxist, UpChucky Schumer, pontificating on the demise of the Conservative movement caused by the Tea Party, or some such bleatings. Hey, Chucky… go crawl back under your rock.

What we are waiting for is one strong true conservative to step up and take on Obama. That’s why Americans responded the way they did to Donald Trump… many of us felt all along that his was not really a serious bid. But, he stood his ground and challenged Obama over and over about the birth certificate… and managed to generate enough heat to the point where Obama’s handlers felt he had to respond. Though some people out there are having real problems with this most recent of his ‘birth documents’, Trump forced his hand.

That’s what we’re looking for in leadership. Is it out there?
We’d better pray that it is.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011