No Body, No Pictures – “Trust Us”.

When one of your kids tells you a plausible tale, and then proceeds to change the story… several times, you can safely assume that you’re being taken for a walk down the primrose path. Hopefully, it’s just youthful high-jinks and not a symptom of other underlying issues.

Likewise, when our government makes a spectacular claim of achievement and then changes its story several times, virtually within hours… and then several more times daily for almost a week… well, something just isn’t right.

Couple that to this regime’s record for veracity. Is it any wonder that most of the country’s mood about this whole thing is uniformly skeptical, now that the first flush of exuberance over the execution of the # 1 most visible terrorist in the world, and the admitted mastermind of the murder of three thousand Americans, is over?

This Marxist cabal, masquerading as a legitimate government, has for two and a half weary years lied through their eye-teeth and every other orifice they possess. The definition of insanity being repeating the same action with negative results over and over again.

Nothing can take away from the magnificent performance of our special forces people around the globe. These heroes’ deeds go largely unsung in their unending war with Islamic terror. The unvarnished truth is that these dedicated “best of the best” understand, as do I, that we are in a world war right now. A war without borders or rules other than kill or be killed, and the measure of how good you really are is how long you live.

This war, which the pantywaists in our government refuse to call a war, would have already washed over us had it not been for the sacrifice of our military. The surest indication of that is the treatment of, or the supposed treatment of, the corpse of Bin Laden. Instead of rolling that filth up in a pigskin with a mouth full of pig testicles and dumping him in the main square in Islamabad, we gave him a deep six burial… with a forty minute diatribe disguised as a prayer service in Arabic, no less. Wanna bet it was at the direct orders of Hussein Obama?

What about Daniel Pearl, Obama? Remember him? Your scumbag friends couldn’t wait to show the Jewish boy screaming his life away as they cut his throat.
We want to see the pictures… we want to see the evidence.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011