When The Snake Bites The Fox.

A fox swims across a swollen torrent, giving a stranded snake a ride across on his back after the snake promises not to bite him. When they reached the opposite bank the snake bit the fox. The fox exclaimed “You promised! Why did you bite me?” The snake replied, “I’m a snake. That’s what snakes do.”

It seems that that’s just what the American electorate is at this particular moment in time… Snakebit. We seem genuinely surprised when a snake behaves like a snake. We’ve known for some time what and who Barack Obama is. We also know that he promised to destroy our energy sector. Instead, he would flood the country with solar panels manufactured in and exported back to this country from China.

The scythe-bladed monster wind turbines… you know, the ones nobody wants in their back yard? These wind turbines are another cornerstone of Obama’s leftist energy dream world. Remember when he promised to make it impossible for coal operators to continue to function? Yes, he did. You may not have heard about it since the Lame Stream Media has been devotedly covering for him going ‘way back’.

It didn’t help that not a single Republican stood up to Obama and fought him toe-to-toe. Paralyzed by fear at being called racist, they allowed themselves to sideline and silence themselves as well. We have repeatedly paid for their timidity.

Maybe it’s just not my nature to be swayed by someone like our Mr Hussein. Or, most probably, having been in the Marine Corps for as long as I was gave me an eye for leadership qualities. Obama has none. I wrote some time back, actually a couple of times, that Obama’s attacks on the energy sector were not making the DeMarxists any friends and it was going to cost him, come 2012. That was before the current middle-east blowup, which is no more spontaneous than one of Obama’s speeches.

He has turned virtually all the energy producing states throughout the coal belt against him. The Gulf Coasters saw him for the empty phony he was, and there’s no way he’s going to sell those people on the story that it’s the evil speculators again… Horseradish. What he has done, in his heartless arrogance, is a blatant sell-out to the radical environmental elements of his hard left. His actions and inactions have caused tens of thousands of Gulf Coasters to lose their jobs, and took an area that once had a thriving economy and crippled it.

These people aren’t going to forget. Neither are the truckers who are now paying over a thousand dollars just to fill their trucks. Rising food costs? You bet. We know who’s responsible… the American people know… and we’ll remember. No matter how you change your tune Obama, we’ll remember.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011