Excuse My Skepticism.

As a recovering Republican, I’ve seen the best the party has to offer… specifically the Reagan years which are, for the conservative, the benchmark against which we measure those who would claim the mantle.

For decades this has been the party establishment’s prerogative. They picked the candidate. In all their hidebound, inarticulate, muddle-headed wisdom, time after time they picked the wrong people at just exactly the right time in our country’s political history, to bring us utter and humiliating defeat.

We witnessed the rise of the new media and the advent of the nationwide political action movement which became the Tea Party Patriots. We drove both the liberals and the establishment ‘Repubics’ (thanks, Mark Levin) crazy trying to find some leadership… someone they could isolate to destroy, thereby (they thought) destroying the movement once and for all.

They’ve been spectacularly unsuccessful as we all know, and the best they can do is to attack our conservative women leaders… viciously and repeatedly, as though this would have the desired result. I have my own private theory that at least some of the vitriol is because most of our women are babes and most of theirs are stone dogs. If you need proof of that, just look at a picture of Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin next to Janet (basso profundo) Napolitano, or many others of the hairy-lip-and-arm-pits cadre of lovelies that Hizzhonor Barack the First has orbiting around his regime.

I’m still skeptical about the guts and the steadfastness of our current leadership. Once again we find them content to let the DeMarxists define the argument and, because of their out-and-out timidity, the leadership looks to cave and make a last-minute ‘deal’ that will, at best, cut 39 billion dollars from the budget. Not exactly the bold strokes we’ve been looking for.

We hear the Republican leadership making ‘tailored for patriot ears’ statements. One gets the idea that, given their own volition, Paul Ryan’s comprehensive program for salvaging our economy would be frittered away in meaningless compromise and backroom deal-making.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011