We Are A Nation In Denial.

Maybe it’s something that they’ve been slipping into the water… maybe it’s in those cross-hatched contrails we keep seeing… but that’s a conspiracy theory for another day. I hear a lot of blather about how the the Tea Party Patriot movement has fired its bolt and may now retire to the obscurity that the lame stream media has been working so diligently to convince us is our lot. They’re going to be sorely disappointed.

What I see going on out here, now that I’m able to fully return my attention to the tapestry of world events, is an extremely active and motivated Patriot Movement. And what most of us are focused on is the really miserable mess in our nation’s Capitol. There’s a lot of disappointment out there… it’s discontent bordering on anger and, in some cases, it’s just outright anger.

If the Republican establishment leadership thinks it can survive, much less succeed, without the full support of the American Patriot Movement they’d better have another think. What’s really funny (or sad, depending on your outlook), is that these people have fairly convinced themselves that it was their brilliant strategic grasp of the mood of the nation that swept them to victory.

Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and the others were given a sacred trust from well over 60% of the voters of this country. That trust came with a mandate to go to war on the deficit and the Marxist policies that are threatening to destroy our civil society. Many, if not most of us in the Patriot Movement, have been more than a little upset at the leadership’s apparent inability to frame the argument through the white noise of the left’s continual cries of Republicans wanting to force Grannie to eat dog food if we do anything at all to stem the economic disaster waiting in the hall. Let them. The American people have them figured out.

If this country is to survive we are going to have to change the ways in which we define the perils which this country faces. We are in the grip of a world conflict and we cannot even get our government to acknowledge that simple fact in spite of overwhelming evidence.

Absence of definition is the breeding ground of denial. It’s time to start calling things as they are, and stop pecking around the issues like a bunch of nervous hens.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011