Rads, Rads, Nothing But Rads – Or How To Wake Up In The Morning With That Healthy Green Glow.

Fresh from their triumphal Japanese invasion, the lame stream media is confident that its nightmarish ‘news reporting’ has changed your perception of nuclear power forever. Some of that so-called journalism, or much of it, manufactured to fit the stated leftist political goal of the destruction of our ability to provide for our country’s energy needs. Do that and you’ve destroyed our economic base and our ability to defend ourselves… or to project the kind of power anywhere in the world that ensures our safety from the many who would harm us, or our friends.

The LSM, in haste to out-proclaim each other for the title ‘most irresponsible network reporting’, are doing the bidding of their leftist masters who view the Japanese catastrophe as possibly the last best chance to destroy the nuclear industry once and for all.

Now, Japan’s engineers and truly gutsy crews have succeeded in getting a power cable back to reactors at the Fukushima plant to start the pumps again. Nowhere near out of hot water yet (no pun intended), but much to the visible disappointment of the LSM the Japanese, far from being the negligent perpetrators of the aftermath of a world-class event, have in deed and in fact been the largely unsung heroes of this entire past seven days.

The LSM, in another spectacular goofball stunt, decided to panic the west (left) coast with the fear of ‘the imminent’ arrival of a toxic nuclear plume of huge proportions. The result was entirely predictable. Every hypochondriac in the nation ran to get ‘the pill’. In fact, Barack Obama’s own surgeon-general went on record as advising people to obtain the potassium iodide tablets.

Factually, which obviously none of the bobbleheads bothered to check, was that the possibility of a toxic plume from those reactors traveling six thousand miles to irradiate America were slim and none. Taking potassium iodide today will not protect you tomorrow… but you wouldn’t know that from the news reports which were rich in surrealistic speculation and very light on hard science, as it applies to these reactors. Chernobyl this wasn’t. Tragic though it has been, it was nothing like Chernobyl.

Let’s not tell the lefties that they’re being irradiated by their breakfast bananas. Yes! The delicious yellow fruit is naturally radioactive. The Rads are coming! The Rads are coming! Not to fear. Two bananas and a salmon steak will supply enough potassium iodide to repel the rads you’ve been picking up from the radiant dial on your wristwatch, which has been sitting on your nightstand next to your head punching gamma-ray holes through your brain all these years.

And while you’re waking in the morning to your healthy green glow, don’t forget to catch the left’s new agitprop video, “Attack of the Strontium Bananas”.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011