My Tempestuous Teapot Boileth Over.

It has taken us two days to catch up with the comments we received from our article, ‘To Primary Or Not To Primary.’ This, more than any argument anyone can come up with, has indicated to me that the mood out there is every bit as charged as I thought it was.

Reps. Jim Jordan and Tim Huelskamp said they would vote against the spending bill.

You’ve stood up and said in none too uncertain terms that you were not going to be fooled again, as we were during the Bush years… hoping that when the time came our side would step up and do the right thing. Well, they never did and the result was Barack Obama and the pillage of the American economy during the Marxists’ headlong rush for power.

We’re engaged in the most critical conflict since our Revolutionary War. Right here. And right now. Some of the criticisms we’re hearing are very pointed, and directed to and about specific members of the leadership. To be fair and balanced, which I’m not (that’s why I do opinion editorials), unlike our leadership, I am an outspoken partisan for my cause.

Watching the Republican leadership fumbling the damned ball again was mentioned by many readers. Not to say that the establishment leadership didn’t have their defenders, but it was unscientifically running at around 20-1. Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and the others are starting to feel the backlash created by their cupidity which, as you can see, neatly rhymes with stupidity.

It’s also been duly noted that the Republican ‘strategy’ for this year is to permit one hundred and five billion dollars in Obamacare funding. There’s a whole bunch of people beefed by that one too. All in all, a pretty dismal performance by our guys.

Not surprisingly, some of the new freshman Conservatives are drawing a line in the sand, stating unequivocally that they will not sign any budget amendment bill that does not address the 1.7 trillion dollar deficit for 2011 alone. ‘Bully!’, as Theodore Roosevelt would have said. Keep those cards and letters coming guys… we love it. That’s me, not Teddy!

I think the leadership is going to find more and increasing resistance from the Conservative wing of the party as the year progresses and the amount of pressure you, the American Patriot, can generate increases rapidly. Hey, guys and gals, we swung an entire election. We can certainly rein in our leadership until we determine if or when to replace them.
The leadership has got to step up now. As one reader put it, “If not now, when?”

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011