Our Future Depends On Our Energy.

The leftists have worked long and diligently to bring themselves, and us, to where we stand today in this country with regard to our national energy picture. I’ve been out of the news cycle for three days now, and in the new media that’s several lifetimes.

That includes Scott Walker’s stunning victory in Wisconsin, which has the public sector unions and the Democrats in the State Senate changing their depends frequently. It’s a template for states all over the country. The public sector unions and their bought-and-paid-for Democrat party are losing it all over the country. Because they are essentially Marxist ideologues first and foremost, they’re blind and deaf to the rising anger in this country towards people who live at the expense of us all, then make unremitting demands for ever more.

Even in California, that great outdoor lunatic experiment headed up by Mr Moonbeam himself, Jerry (union made) Brown, is beginning to get the message that Californians, at long last, are getting the picture. At least, the Republicans in the State Senate are… they’ve refused to sign on to Brown’s tax grab planned for California’s special election this coming June.

Among other things, Brown was hoping to continue a ‘temporary’ sales tax that’s due to sunset. Jerry Brown will have to face his union bosses alone. The people of California have had it with taxes, fees and regulations which are destroying the state.

By the way… California has oil… California has lots of oil. Did you know that? Combine that with all the other vast sources of petroleum and natural gas in the continental United States… We are rich in resources.

Obama has a war on our oil, our own resources. We are world-class rich in coal, which technology has advanced to the point where coal-burning power plants, as with the production of coal itself, is virtually pollution free. Obama has a war against coal, as any coal miner or producer can tell you. He wants to cut us off from our own resources.

The same with oil shale, of which we have one of the world’s greatest known reserves. Obama and the DeMarxists don’t like this one either, no more than they like nuclear or hydro-electric energy sources. They’ve worked hard and diligently for many years to bring this to fruition.

There’s only one reason the left, in all of its many manifestations, would so desire this country’s complete dependence on energy from foreign, hostile sources. That purpose would be to damage the country’s economy and energy sectors, creating the required chaos for them to breed more treason.

The Democrats and their penultimate weapon, Barack Obama, are waging war against America on every front.
It’s up to us to stop them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011