It’s All About Energy.

The DeMarxists are fumbling all over themselves to cover for Obama’s growing exposure to the energy disaster that his party and his politics have brought to fruition. Fair enough, he didn’t start it. He has been, and is, the ultra-left radical environmentalists’ poster-boy for advancing their death grip on America, Americans and the American economy.

Good gravy, we all saw this stuff happening… at least I did. I was fortunate enough to see through the environut thing in the beginning, which made for some lively and heated discussions on my college campus. I wasn’t very popular with the liberals because I kept writing rebuttals, shredding their pet nutcake theories in the college paper which, to their credit, they published… although they leaned left in much of their other content.

Perhaps it was this early disbelief that has kept me paying attention to the way the ‘environmental movements’ et al have fostered the slow but steady degradation of our ability to be energy independent. No matter which energy ‘front’ you care to examine… nuclear, natural gas, coal, oil, oil shale, oil sands or hydroelectric energy… they are against it. That is, they’re against us using our own energy resources. It’s just dandy with the radical environmentalists if we’re held in thrall for our energy requirements by foreign governments, who definitely don’t have our best interests at heart.

The radical environmental groups are uniformly leftist and pro-socialist. The Green Party’s published policy paper reads like the Communist Manifesto. These communist groups, in the guise of ‘concerned environmentalists’, have been active in the halls of government for well over forty years. Government officials and politicians have been bought wholesale by the EnviroNazis, fostering for instance the emergence of the single most destructive agency in Washington, the EPA.

When you next go to the gas pump, just think to yourself… “From Obama with love”.
And then just think how lovely it will be to bid the unlamented, feckless Obama “adieu”.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011