Obama’s Energy Trap.

If you have purchased fuel in the last week or so, you’ve seen prices steadily climbing with apparently no ceiling in sight. You’re experiencing that not-so-slow boil, as you pay more and more while making less or nothing at all. The jobs report being bleated about by the DeMarxists just ain’t that hot, brother.

If all the government’s magic math is taken into account, figuring in the huge number of people who ‘have stopped looking’ and those who are living in the new ‘underground cash’ economy, then unemployment is at 20% or more. Any progress towards an improving economy and job growth is going to be sucked out of the air by out of control energy prices.

It’s just what he wants… It’s what he’s wanted all along… No one can say that he didn’t tell us exactly what he intended. We have it on tape, Obama, and we’re not forgetting.

This is one of the prime assaults on America. This attack goes all the way back to the emergence of the environmental movements and their campaigns of misinformation. Rachel Carson produces a work of virtual fiction, based on poor and incorrect research, and millions of African people die unnecessarily from malaria.

It’s incredible how the left consistently makes judgments based on emotion. They perceive only the prevailing political wind and how it can be ideologically manipulated. Invariably, such thinking has disastrous results.

We can’t look at the energy war against America without identifying the players. Unfortunately, weakness and lack of principle is nothing new to our nation’s politicians, nor are nefarious dealings galore, as we have had so vividly illustrated with the blatant grifting of the Obama presidency.

There’s been much written about China’s monopoly on strategic rare earth minerals. Why is this? I mean, why is it that they have this monopoly? Is China the only land blessed with these materials? The short answer is no. Where is one of the planet’s world-class rare earth deposits? It’s right here. The Chinese knew it and they didn’t like the competition.

Remember the late Senator Alan Cranston and the ‘California Desert Protection Act’? Well, that was back in 1992. A close friend and political ally of Senator Cranston was Dianne Feinstein, who took up his mantle of ‘desert protection’, effectively greatly restricting prospects for new rare earth deposits in the desert areas that Feinstein and her environmental radical friends have restricted.

The area has proven deposits of these and many other minerals important to industry and the economy. The Chinese undercut the world price of rare earth back in the early 90s. That, and the insanely restrictive policies set in place by politicians in the pay of the environmentalists, effectively closed the one operating rare earth mine here in California.

Oh, did I mention that Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, was one of the early big players in China? Let’s see… Chinese… Richard Blum… rare earth… Dianne Feinstein… desert… deal… Locking away our own arguably strategic resources…. The Chinese really hate competition….

A US Senator working directly against the best interests of her country and using the environmental lobby to mask her true relationship to the Chinese through her husband, who is at least as culpable as she is. It wasn’t the last time that Dianne got caught with her hands in the pot either… sweetheart deal after sweetheart deal for Blum and his partners.

This is just one example of the way the left and their allies have acted in a manner clearly detrimental to our security. My ‘conspiracy’ theory is beginning to sound all too feasible.
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Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011