America In The Crucible.

The farther I try to stay from conspiracy theories, the more they seem to present themselves to me. Or perhaps I’m a little more curious than the average… Lord knows I used to drive my grandparents, and any available adult, crazy with questions. It’s led to a lifetime study of history and the traditions that have made America the shining beacon of freedom to the world that it is.

Not a bad avocation this, proclaiming the truth of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It’s just that sometimes the urgency of it all, amongst all the purposeful misinformation out there, makes things difficult to discern and put into place with any certainty. Yet we persist. We stand for liberty and freedom, and unequivocally state the truths to be found there to be self-evident. This is the standard we flock to. This is the American Patriot Movement.

That our country has been under assault is not up for question. And here’s where I start tangling with my dislike for conspiracy theories. A recent report by financial analyst Kevin Freeman, funded by the Pentagon, stated his belief that America is, and has been, under a carefully planned and executed three-phase economic assault.

It’s a report that’s easy to ignore. After all, Mr Freeman does not cite a single fact or figure in his report except in relation to dates. His initial premise is that the 2008 crash was the result of outside players ‘tipping the cow’, with a horrendously upside-down mortgage market driven by greedy loan merchants looking to take advantage of the little guy. No! It was your US government and its symbiont, the DeMarxist party.

But it was an inside job and we’ve talked about those players often enough. In a sane world, every one of them would be in the Grey Bar Hotel. I think the 2008 mortgage crisis put into action plans that had been long in the making.

I think Mr Freeman is right. Part of what makes me lean towards belief is the rapidity of the left’s assault on him. My only suggestion to Mr Freeman would be that you didn’t go far enough with it.

I see geopolitical events, going back to the Vietnam war, as being the long-prepared bed upon which this immense and multi-faceted assault on America was planted. As Freeman points out, there’s an external enemies list with all kinds of desperados, big and small, on it who would just love to stick it to us… and thanks to the incredibly weak, ineffectual ideologue Barack Hussein Obama, many of them are doing it to us right now.

Others are waiting in line. We don’t have to look very far beyond our borders to find an enemy, either. As a matter of fact, we don’t have very far to go at all. The left, in all of its manifestations, has been an active fifth column in this country for far, far too long. We’ve woken up to it as a country without a moment to spare.

The left can only blame itself. This last two years of the reign of Hussein the First (and Last) has lifted the torpor of the American people and exposed the left, in all its devious and lying glory, to the citizens of this country. This subject is really too big for one article so I’ll keep on developing it, but I have a feeling that this is not the last we are going to hear regarding this and other ancillary reports as they come in.

We’re fighting a war. We’re fighting it with the Marxist enemy within and the Islamo-Fascists without… to say nothing of the Chinese and the Russians, both of whom are more than capable of mischief on their own.

What is becoming apparent is that the battle for America has shifted to the unions’ assaults against meaningful reform, as they attack lawmakers and patriots alike… practicing their leader’s ‘new tone’. The unions aren’t going to like the push back that’s coming behind this.
As Drudge would say… developing…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011