What The Heck Is The TSA Up To?

I can’t take credit for this article as it was totally inspired by my editor, Dee. During one of our frequent discussions regarding which forest fire to write about first, she emailed me a picture from an article in ‘Back to Basics’ (http://island-adv.com/), a really excellent conservative website with which we are proud to be affiliated.

A posting by Gonzalo Lira, dated February 26th, with an accompanying video, shows more TSA thugs searching for dangerous terrorists and WMDs in the form of a middle-class blonde lady and her equally tow-headed kids. They are being wanded, patted down and their belongings pawed through by three thugs, with two doing the wanding and pat-down. The goofy looking trio behind the table look less like supposed federal agents and more like shoppers at a garage sale or flea market.

At what international port of entry did this important harassment of US citizens take place? Was it at our newly secure (the world according to Napolitano) southern border where this stringent observance of our country’s security was observed? Or perhaps a great international transportation hub, such as LAX or SFO? Yeah, right. This video was taken at the train station at Savannah, Georgia. These folks were subjected to this ridiculous procedure as they exited the train. More brilliant and creative security measures by the TSA.

Readers will remember that I don’t do the conspiracy theory thing. Or rather, I never used to. Events are proceeding at such an insane pace it’s hard not to wonder about some of this stuff. The image that came to mind as I looked at that picture was of a cadre of Marxist-controlled security agents at every single transportation hub in the country, with lists of enemies of the regime available at their finger tips to allow them to harass, or even arrest and detain… dangerous international terror suspects? Ali Baba and crew? Mustapha and the Jihadi brothers? Not on your life! They are there to control and harass you.

What I saw in my mind’s eye were The Leader’s storm troopers, placed where they can accost citizens at a time and place where they’re vulnerable and not likely to be able to complain or resist. That’s what it was like in the USSR, before President Reagan took down the evil empire. Lord help you if you didn’t have the proper travel documents. You might have found yourself speaking with then KGB Colonel Putin’s gentle administrators.

For as much as the TSA thugs look like a clown college and nothing at all like storm troopers, for anything other than storming McDonald’s for french fries, anybody with a badge and a gun and the mindless policies of Janet Napolitano and Barack Hussein Obama behind them are certainly intimidating to most people and equally as dangerous to us and our God-given freedom.

We, as individuals, cannot withstand the power of the Marxist ‘brown shirts’. We, as the American people, can. We, as the American Patriot movement, can and will.
Any others of you out there who have also witnessed TSA thuggery occurring outside of an air terminus, please let us know.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011