It’s Obama And The Unions Vs. The Rest Of America – Game On!

He’s drawn the lines himself. Yesterday’s events in Wisconsin put his union-busting remarks on behalf of demonstrating public teachers unions, well-salted with the usual Obama union thugs.

Targets on an electoral map are not enough for the left!

It’s a tactic we’ve seen used time and again in socialist countries. The Communist Party organizing and orchestrating demonstrations and riots, importing agitprop agents to destabilize and weaken the legal government. Lies, deceit and deception are their stock in trade.

The Governor of Wisconsin had the courage to stand up to the Union mob trying to hold the state hostage. The citizens of Wisconsin, like other states, is in desperate financial straights. Many, if not most, of these states are coming to the realization that only drastic reductions in government spending can save them from complete financial meltdown.

The giant gorilla that has been waiting out in the hallway, doing push-ups all these years. The issue that big governments and small have kicked on down the road like the proverbial kid kicking the can. Unfunded liabilities of all stripes have the federal government on the ropes, as well as many states and municipalities.

Displays such as we witnessed in Wisconsin yesterday are vividly reminiscent of Wayne Radke, rabble rousing his SEIU members when they were supplying thugs for the ACORN rallies during the 2008 election campaigns. As an aside, does anyone want to know where Mr Radke is? Well, it seems he’s been helping Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers organize the Egyptians. Maybe the Brotherhood can teach Bill and Bernadine some bomb-building tricks that weren’t in the Anarchist’s Cookbook. Just wondering…

I’ve been ragging away on this theme for a long time in this column. What it’s going to come to, here at home as well as internationally, is that it’s going to become this black-and-white issue… it’s us, and the survival of the Republic, against them and all of the evil they represent.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011