It’s Time To Put The Heat On The Border.

Everyone is focused on Egypt and the other suddenly unstable middle east dictatorships… with the expected hard left mantra of freedom and democracy for the masses. It’s being trumpeted by all the lame stream outlets. The same morons who bleat that the Muslim Brotherhood is ‘non political and sectarian’. They just want to make nice and sing kumbaya, somehow ignoring that the Brotherhood is Hamas, is Al Qaeda, is a half-dozen splinter groups, each in its own way more dangerous and radical than the others.

This is who Barack Obama and the regime actually support. Take all the lies and obfuscations away, strip his arrogant statements and what’s revealed is again Obama’s repeated affinity for all things Islamist, to the detriment of this country and the office he is supposed to be serving.

Turning from the bad guys in Egypt and the middle east to the open wound of our own southern border with Mexico. We, as patriots, really have got to turn up the heat on this one. The border issue is going to reach critical mass before too long.

The increasing crimes against our citizens perpetrated by illegal aliens, the property crimes, drug and gun running, the increasing reach of the drug cartels as they spread their reach into America through their street soldiers… the Mexican gangs. More and more violent, gang-related incidents are occurring. More innocent Americans are dying, and we have a government who has repeatedly failed to live up to promise after promise to control the border!

We shouldn’t have to push and prod our lawmakers to do one of the only fundamental legitimate duties that it has under the Constitution. It’s known that many, not a few, middle eastern types have crossed into this country over our southern border in the years in which our border has been a sieve. The numbers are in the thousands… actually they are in the multiples of thousands. I have no reason to believe that these fine folks were just seeking employment as taxi drivers.

Get on the horn, on the keyboard, or go down to your representatives’ offices and tell them that the border has got to be closed to smuggling, human or otherwise.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011