The Long Reach Of The Patriot Movement.

It’s a feeling in the air… that sense that’s just beyond our consciousness. Freedom is in the air… it’s infectious too… as the left has had reason to regret.

The change from a populace in some sort of perpetual torpor, and already half-way under the spell of Socio-Marxist illusory promises of a miracle society of totally equitable distribution. If history is to be taken as any guide, a greatly diminished quality of life and the resultant misery and poverty that always accompanies such societies.

The impact of the Tea Party Patriots simply cannot be understated. There’s no question that it was the strength and determination of the individual American patriot that made the difference.

There are some really positive early indications that, thanks to the incredibly stupid and inept handling of the Egyptian situation, Barack Hussein Obama has again been seen as an unabashed supporter of a violent jihad group… as a matter of fact, the oldest of all such terrorist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood… from whence sprang Al Qaeda and that old Gaza favorite, Hamas. Once again, our president gets caught with his butt in the wind.

The American Patriot is a stubborn sort… if patient. Yet we, as the vast majority of American citizens, cannot take anything for granted. There’s still a Senate to take back and there’s still Barack Obama to usher into retirement. That’s our focus for now, though we dare not take our eyes off of our own for a split second either. I’ve decided that Boehner is establishment through and through. This dude bears watching.

The entire attitude of the nation has changed. Citizens all over the country are standing up to socialism and fascism, in halls of their own state houses and in their communities. There are even some sparks of freedom being seen in benighted states like California.

There’s a wonderful rebellion going on in Northern California over these so-called ‘smart meters’ being pushed by the power suppliers, backed by the rabid environmentalists embedded in the state government. The power company has been acting as though on a mandate, violating property rights blatantly and as a matter of course to force the installation of these meters. Those who refuse are threatened with the cessation of their power.

Good on you, guys! Keep it up and we are in your court. I loathe tyranny in any form, whether by a government or a public utility.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011