“Flat”… “Unconvincing”.

Those are some of the more common reactions I’ve heard. Some of our readers have been a little more pointed in their comments about the Obama Show on Tuesday night… like a lot of Conservatives who have come to the conclusion that Obama never says anything new. He just rehashes stuff he’s already said, putting fresh lipstick on the pig time after time.

Actually, I had decided not to listen to Obama’s little extravaganza for just that reason. I felt I knew what he was going to say. The radio that I listen to when I’m writing betrayed me, and once President Obama started speaking I left it on.

I wasn’t disappointed. He spouted about 1950s Russian Sputniks and roofing companies reinventing themselves. He talked about all the neat things he was going to do for business instead of to business. Gee, that would be a nice change.

Barack has a problem. He can get people to listen to him. Getting people to believe him is another story altogether. He is learning the lesson that all liars learn sooner or later. You can only go to the well just so many times and then even the thickest airheads start seeing the light.

He still has the considerable power of the bully pulpit… he still has the slavish devotion of the main stream media and their influence, greatly diminished though it may be.
What he doesn’t have is the American people. Obama has been tried in the court of the mind of the American citizen and was found wanting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011