Another Barack Hussein Obama Achilles Heel In Waiting.

As if a 14 trillion dollar deficit, with his name and that of his party all over it, isn’t enough already. As if the House hasn’t zeroed in on: (a) The outright repeal of health care; (b) Dismantling its various components and provisions and starving more onerous items of funding to cripple them and keep them from harming the people or the economy.

Barack Obama has done everything just exactly as though he was driving our country into economic destruction. And it sure as heck looks to an awful lot of us out here that he’s done everything according to a scripted plan.

My guess is that the Democrat Marxists, in the first flush of victory after Obama was elected, vastly overestimated the political capital that the victory had afforded them. The Marxists in the administration and in Congress misinterpreted the 2008 election results. More importantly, they completely misread the mood of the nation.

One more Achilles heel out there awaiting Mr Obama is the energy sector of the economy. With rising gas prices and the threat of even higher gas prices by next summer, the specter of four dollar a gallon gasoline is not going to endear Obama to anyone.

There are tens of thousands of men who are not working because of Obama’s drilling ban. These men, their families and friends, the very communities that helped elect Obama, now detest him.
Obama may just find out that he has sold off so much of his political soul that there’s none left.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011