It’s A Patriot Thing, Anyone Can Make A Difference.

And that’s it in a nutshell, as they used to say. There have been many weighty opinions offered as to the success of the viral phenomenon known as the Tea Party or collectively the Patriot Movement, which name sort of encompasses all such groups.

It’s confusing to the liberals because they can’t find anyone to attack except Sarah Palin, who seems to be the target of the day every day. They must fear her terribly to hate her that much. Go, Sarah!

The Marxists can’t figure us out because we are diametrically opposed to them and their every precept. They are simply incapable of being honest with themselves. This in turn co-opts their sense of right and wrong and engenders attitudes of fear, spite and envy. A false sense of entitlement and anger towards those more successful in life. Perennially unhappy and unsatisfied, they inevitably seek to influence those around them to their own level of self-induced misery.

The difference between the liberal and the patriot could not be in greater contrast. On one hand, we are presented with doom and gloom and ever more strident calls for more of our treasure, both personal and national. On the other, we have the conservative patriot movement where the tempo is upbeat and the atmosphere is full of promise for America.

Our Conservative Congress is starting to make itself felt and will soon start flexing its muscles. What has made the difference so far amongst the ranks of the patriots, is that individual Americans have taken up the challenge in their own neighborhoods. They’ve thrown down the Conservative gauntlet at school board meetings and town council meetings across America.

We didn’t have some big government union or other Marxist front groups with their orchestrated miniature Nuremberg rallies. We didn’t have all that government/union funding either. Only the change in our pockets.

What I’m telling you is that you make the difference. Whether on the phone, talking to a neighbor or a friend… you are the conservative movement.
You are the heart and soul of America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011