The Obama Quickstep.

The lamestream has proclaimed the genius of Barack Obama’s apparent shift to the right. There may be some brain-addled conservatives who have taken Barry’s recent outreach to Republicans to heart. In fact though, I don’t think you’ll find many conservatives out here at all that would trust the ‘new’ Obama, who is once again pretending to be the centrist he ran on in 2008.

We saw how long that lasted. This apparent move to the right is every bit as ephemeral as Obama’s middle class tax-cuts and just about as sincere. Obama will never stray very far from his radical communist upbringing. It’s deeply ingrained in his psyche. It shows in his every move, in his every utterance. It’s apparent in every association he has.

With the Conservative Republican revolution coming down around his ears, Obama doesn’t have much choice but to appear willing to work with Republicans. Even as our young Mr. Obama was making nice with the new Congress, he was scheming away some more of your freedom.

Obama is now creating policy by presidential fiat. In this case, he has signed a presidential directive enabling regulatory agencies to write their own regulations without congressional oversight… as a matter of fact, without any oversight at all.

There’s a name for that. We became really familiar with it in World War Two. It’s called fascism.
Gee… hasn’t our little Obama come a long way?
Let’s just make sure he exits stage right in 2012.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011