Bringing The Party To The Republicans.

No doubt walking around, congratulating themselves on their brilliant victory, the establishment usurpers run to the microphones in a not-so-transparent attempt to usurp the Patriot movement, the Tea Parties if you will. They’re like energy leaches… they latch on and feed off of the energy of the Patriots.

They do not have a lot in common with our Constitutional patriotism. These folks seek only power and self-glorification. Everything after self is lost on these people.

We’ve pointed out to the establishment Republicans, several times, that ‘you flippin’ people shouldn’t even be here’. There shouldn’t even be a Republican Party. The Republican Party was a disaster after the 2008 election. It was in absolute disarray, with a leadership afraid of its own shadow. If it could be called a leadership.

The rise of the American Tea Party movement is a phenomenon that will be written about for decades to come. It was, and is, a visceral reaction by the American people to the ‘wrongness’ of the Barack Obama Marxist vision of a subservient and servile America, content to exist as our leaders think fit.

At first, when the Tea Parties sprang up from seemingly nowhere, reporters talked of a momentary fad having no political legs.
Driven by the weight of phone, email, and visits to lawmakers’ offices, Republicans noticed that the Patriots were beginning to sway national opinion. Serious business. There was still a lot of talk on both sides of the aisle, mostly centering on how much time it would take the infant movement to fade into obscurity. Bad bet. It was growing at a spectacular rate back then and it’s still growing after over two years.

The Republicans really do need to come to the party… the Conservative Republican Patriot Party.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010