Looking Ahead.

Time was we could safely plan ahead with some confidence, knowing that a certain stability could be expected. I understand now the admonitions of those who lived through the great depression. They cautioned against unnecessary spending and persisted in counting every penny… several times. We, who had never really known a day of want, shrugged them off as ‘old fashioned’.

We, in our turn, lived through the economic doldrums of the Carter administration with its 22% interest rates, high unemployment and the presidency that became synonymous with ‘stagflation’ and the Iran hostage crisis. This present depressed recession has made Jimmy’s economy look smokin’ hot.

We’ve always known that big business and politicians manipulate economies for monetary gain and political advantage, which amounts to the same thing. This ‘stagcession‘ has put new emphasis on the lessons our elders tried to teach us about thrift and, most of all, self sufficiency. We are probably the least self sufficient population in American history.

This economic black hole, into which the Marxists are determined to plunge us, has had the effect of forcing the average American to observe everything he does in detail. Therefore, he begins to watch everything else as well. We’ve had to agonize over the smallest expense while we’ve watched the massively bloated monstrosity that is our government openly conspiring against we the people.

The new Conservative Republicans have an immense undertaking at hand. It’s the political equivalent of the allies at the Normandy landings… Obama’s government and it’s depredations, Hitler’s fortress Europe.
God speed, 112th Congress.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011