It Will Have To Be Brave New Year.

Remember Al Gore, when he came out with that smarmy ad in which he says “The Earth has a fever”, or some such? Well, it has a fever ok, but not the one created by Gore’s fevered brain.

America today is faced with an entire globe that’s as flammable as gasoline on a hot summer’s day. With the exception of Europe, at least for now, just about anywhere you care to pick there are conflicts… actual, on the back burner, on the front burner or on the planning table.

South America is now starting to look like Russia’s Cuba being replayed with Iran’s Venezuela. To our direct south is a Mexico devolved into a narco-state… its government mired in a perpetual system of sanctioned corruption. No longer satisfied with just throwing their hopelessly poor and uneducated at us, they are actively sanctioning terror by giving tacit approval to the known terrorist traffic across its jurisdiction, disguised in the tens of thousands flooding across our undefended southern border every year.

Africa is a slowly boiling sludge pot of suffering humanity, mostly due to the gentle ministrations of the muslims’ genocidal assaults on Christians and other sub-groups. With China now in the mix in Africa, anything can happen.

The middle east is a leaking powder keg long overdue to go off, with many otherwise liberal Israelis coming to realize that there can be no peace with terror. No pointless and militarily indefensible limp-wristed political ‘land for peace’ will satisfy this enemy. The rest of the middle east watches closely in fear of a nascent nuclear monster in Iran and secretly, and recently not so secretly, hopes that Israel takes them out first.

Iraq is remarkably stable, with a new democratic structure which seems resilient even in the face of continued pressure from terrorist groups.

Afghanistan may not be the war Americans want to fight. It’s no secret that the Marxists in our government, led by the Marxist-in-Chief, have done everything in their power to ensure US defeat in Afghanistan. This is Obama’s war, he made it so. It has become a showpiece of his weakness, for all the world to see and judge.

North Korea and China are becoming dysfunctional symbionts, with the bipolar North Koreans playing nutcake roulette with an increasingly angry and impatient South Korea. Anything is possible here too… N. Korea, Iran, Venezuela… Russia is not the great player that she wants us all to believe, but she needs watching nonetheless.

Europe. Well, the best thing you can say about them is that there are no hot conflicts there, but just keep in mind that Europe was the launching pad for the two greatest slaughters of human beings in world history. So, nothing is impossible there.

It’s damning that, so far, the best solution that our present government can come up with is ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011