Dr. Walter Williams: “It’s Totalitarian”. Mark Levin: “I Agree”.

It’s shocking to hear as gifted and prestigious an economist, such as Dr. Williams, ‘officially’ stamp the Obamination a totalitarian government. Even though I had our young Mr Obama pegged as a totalitarian well over two years ago. I haven’t been a bit shy in saying it since.

Dr. Walter Williams

Today, something spectacular happened in the people’s House. You, you my patriot friends and neighbors, stood together and turned aside the Marxists’ pork-laden seventeen hundred page omni-disaster bill with something like 6,600 earmarks.

It was an instantaneous reaction by the selfsame patriots we’ve been describing in the column all along. It’s you, you the American patriot, that jammed the Capitol switchboards with your calls, your e-mails and visits. It’s as though every word I’ve been saying about our oversight of Congress has enabled us to react, and react quickly.

What turned the liberal stampede aside wasn’t just all the calls and e-mails. What did the trick was that they were targeted. Republicans who had not been retired and who were up for re-election in this next cycle received a lot of attention, as did self-described (now) moderate Democrats. How an election does make for true believers. Well, enough of these folks, well aware that they were being stared down by millions of activist citizens who organized and acted virtually overnight.

I’m not suggesting that our Patriot Movement was entirely responsible for the omnibus spending monster’s demise, but there’s no doubt in my mind that we changed enough minds to affect the outcome.

Pretty much all of the country realizes that we are witnessing an entire government out of control, threatening our freedom from many directions at the same time. This is an outlaw government, totally unresponsive to the people… the citizens of this great land. This government is operating outside the Constitution and must be stopped.

We won a victory today. A small one in this war for America’s life. If the politicians know we’re looking right over their shoulders, prepared to act, a lot of these RINOs won’t be nearly as ready to get up to their usual sellouts and betrayals.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010