Hey Boehner, What Gives?

First, you hitch a ride on the Tea Party patriot movement, which was just fine by us, because back then you were doing the heavy conservative bit to the hilt. Now it’s come to our attention that a couple of grade-A RINOs have been appointed by Mr Boehner. One is Fred Upton… Does anyone know that name?

He’s a Republican… at least that’s what he says he is. But Mr Upton is best known as the Republican who took our incandescent lights away from us, in an immense political giveaway scam to the manufacturers of fluorescent light bulbs. Yeah, you know the ones with that sickly harsh white light that are full of mercury vapor? You know… the ones that take three pages of instructions on cleanup and decontamination if one of them breaks?

Yeah, that’s him, that Fred Upton. But he says he’s cured. He’s seen the conservative light. He’s going to work tirelessly to rescind his own regulation. Ain’t that sweet? And he’s got buddies over at the EPA. Won’t that be cozy?

Hal Rogers is another gem of a pick by our Mr Boehner. Known as the ‘Kentucky Pork King’, he has shoveled 131 earmarks totaling a whopping quarter of a billion dollars. Umm… hey John, had you given any thought to what this is likely to do to people’s perception of our new fiscal conservatism?

Hey, John. You were at those Tea Party events. Did you maybe somehow not get the message? We don’t want your recycled RINOs. Scrub them up and paint them any color you wish. If it walks like a RINO, if it talks like a RINO…
Keep it up like this, John, and it’s going to be a short reign.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010