Standby… Voter Rage Will Continue Momentarily.

The DeMarxists are flipping out over what they see as Obama’s sell out to the Republicans. Some are threatening a primary challenge… others are less reactionary, but still bitterly critical of their erstwhile Anointed One.

Mary Landrieu – Not as friendly with Obama as in this 2009 photo.

Obama got nowhere with his mealy-mouthed assurances, saying these ‘tax cuts’ for the rich would not stand… and ‘we’ll fight this battle again in two years’. Sure you will Bub, and you’ll get the same result. What we are witnessing is the most dramatic political shipwreck in modern history. It makes Nixon and Watergate look like the panty-raid it was.

It’s really sort of fun watching them, these far left nutcases all trying to out-nutcase themselves in lining up to chastise their leader. They haven’t gotten around to blaming this on George Bush or Sarah Palin yet, but they will.

The Dream Act has become a nightmare. Poor old Harry just can’t get a word in edgewise these days. Republican RINOs and Democrats that are up for election this next cycle are walking around like they’re doing pin the tail on the donkey… only they’re the donkeys. Harry can’t herd his cats… and there’s plenty in the DeMarxist Senate that are up for re-election this cycle, also.

These folks are ready and willing to break party discipline in a New York heartbeat if they think it may soften what’s coming down the pike in 2012. Doesn’t bode well for Harry’s numbers in the Senate now, does it?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010