Taxes To Remain At Present Level.

Obama got rolled. He even sweetened the deal for Conservative Republicans with a proposed 2.5% reduction in withholding for the next year. What’s most important though is that American business can take a deep breath and at least look forward to two years of certainty. Maybe the engine of small business can generate a few jobs.

It means that we’ll have this fight to do over, but we’ll have the House and the huge advantage of the influence and power of the Tea Party patriots. We’ll have to hold our conservative warriors’ noses to the grindstone… and along the way we can remind the RINOs just who’s watching them and that we can, and will, oppose and defeat them. Give them something to think about, in any case.

Conservatives are perforce frowning about the extension of unemployment benefits for another thirteen months, saying that a total of three years unemployment is tantamount to institutionalized welfare, à la Europe. And some conservatives are even more irritated about the inclusion of some giveaways to people who don’t even pay taxes. Call it earned income or whatever, it’s an annual welfare goody bag paid out of our taxes.

The spin will trumpet a success for Obama, calling it bi-partisan compromise and all the usual garbage that the leftist press regurgitates. Obama’s back was against the wall and for the Conservatives the positioning couldn’t have been better. If he (Obama) had let the Bush tax cuts expire, the resultant economic carnage would have been more than even Obama is willing to face.

With his presidency hanging by a thread, he’s going to have to tread really lightly. As it is, the country is blaming him and his cabal of leftist activists for everything that’s gone on in the last two years. And they’re right. Obama’s whole presidency has degenerated to the point where all that they have is their failed ideology. You could see the bitterness on Obama’s face, you could hear the undercurrent of anger in his voice.

He does not like it when the people speak. American freedom and the spirit of a free people are diametrically opposed to everything Obama and the DeMarxists stand for.
Hey, Obama… get used to it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010