Let’s Take The Language Back.

For far too long the left has managed to control the language of the political debate… not that there’s been much debate with this Congress. The left are masters of the non-specific. It’s usually a word, or a turn of phrase, that serves to divert conversation and debate away from an objective not their own.

Assigning predominantly Republican cities and states the color red, as opposed to the blue designating the DeMarxist cities and states, was a stunt fostered by the lapdog lame stream media back in the Clinton years. The vast irony, of course, being that red is the traditional color of international communism. But it is a prime example how, by just a slight nudge here and there, the entire discourse and people’s perception can be altered.

We’ve been calling it ‘political correctness’. It’s a methodology all its own and it just shouts at you from all directions, especially at this time of year. We hear stories of municipalities taking down Christmas trees to salve some sick, secular need to divest society of every trace of Christendom, which of course it is. Annual Christmas parties have become ‘holiday parties’. Anything with the taint of Judeo-Christian values must be expunged… anything secularist is to be extolled.

Our children are being indoctrinated in government indoctrination centers. They’re not being taught to think… they are being inculcated with a sort of faceless, brainless group think. Changing the language is taking a gay activist and admitted pedophile and canonizing him at the state level by declaring a special day for him. Harvey Milk was certainly no hero to parents out here, and his ‘day’ is only another way for deviants to get closer to our children.

See what I mean? Change the language and you change the perception of society. At the risk of repeating myself… we have to re-capture the language. We set the agenda and we control it. We need to call the left and their (still) slavishly devoted lame stream media types on every single PC-laced lie. We need to slice and dice.

Forget what they say about you, or me, or anyone else. All that counts now is that we enact the fundamental return to the Constitutional Republic we were founded to be.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010